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  Yes, it is a big deal.  It is a core value and focus behind all that we do.  

... and we do it well.  As in all Mathis' (GC, CM, Subcontractor or MWBE Coordinator) projects, minority and local inclusion has been the foundation of what we do.  It certainly has played a major role in the successes of our company and gives us a unique advantage as it relates to project diversity.  The root of our plan is applied in the development and implementation phase of your project. It will grow with your project as we hold each contractor accountible while monitoring and reporting progress and results for your project.  Our services delve into the core definition of inclusion and equality.  It is our goal that our services will shine a light on the commitment that you as an owner or prime contractor has demonstrated, by achieving and exceeding all project and city goals.  
  • Diversity Outreach Planning 
  • Community Outreach Planning 
  • Small Business Plan
  • Recruitment

Key Project Diversity Outreach Results

LOUISVILLE ARENA AUTHORITY                                                                                                                                                                    Goal         Achieved

    MSA (Local Objective)                                                 60%              63% 

    Ky/So.Indiana                                                               75%              84%

    Minority Hiring Participation                                    20%              23%

    Women Owned Business                                               5%                5%


NUCLEUS RESEARCH PARK                                         Goal         Achieved

    MSA (Local Objective)                                                  75%               79%

    Minority Hiring Participation                                    20%               25%

    Women Owned Business                                               5%               5.4%

Read a little bit about how we did it and the successes.

Investment in the community is essential to project success.  Investment in minority and local businesses is equally essential and simply put is the "right thing".    Within our proprietary Diversity Outreach & Participation Plan we show, clearly and concisely, our strategies and commitment to Minority inclusion and how our plan will ensure the success of your project.

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